Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chill baby

Oh my Dexy boy whenever I see this picture I just laugh but it perfectly captures you.
Happy chill baby.
You don't cry, you occasionally squawk.
You have been so easy to take places.
You don't love you car seat, but love your baby sling.
And as long as your laying next to me, you'll sleep endlessly.

This chair constitutes your safe chair in our house.
It got placed on the kitchen island the day you came home as the only place big brother couldn't reach or gain access to you and it remains there today.
It's lovely because I can cook, do dishes, eat meals all with you happily lounging at eye level.
Then when you get sick of the chair, I put you in the sling which you really just can't help but fall asleep in :)

This is on your one month birthday.
Well, to be honest the day after cause I wasn't paying attention to the days.
Man 2 kids does that... but you still looked the same the next day :)
Your one month birthday also constituted my first weekend alone with you two boys.
Dad went off to New York and I had the real 2 kids test.
Can I just say how wonderful you are?
You anticipate difficult situations as a mom, calculate how you'll handle this or that, but there is always the unknown variable (hunger, poopy diaper, no reason crying). I was anticipating 2 difficult situations for this weekend. Bedtime and Church. You my son, did great and rarely have an unknown variable. You happily lay by brother while we put him to bed, and you lovingly slept all 3 hours of church. 
It was after this weekend I feel like I officially got my mother of two wings.
You are so easy going. With you we can go and do just about anything.

I tried weighing you at the grocery store (despite all the sticky fruit remnants on the scale) and it seemed to think you were just about 10 pounds. 10 scrumptious pounds.
No smiles by one month but you sure make up for it in your sweet demeanor.
You eat fantastically, but it is a well known rule for me that vertical positions immediately after eating are a bad idea. 
You will spit just about everything back up, promptly. 
Otherwise all that milk stays put.

I still kiss this fuzzy head all the day long.
Happy one month birthday bug! 


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